99% of your target audience will never see your landing page…and that’s ok.


You’re probably used to driving users to your
landing page using paid traffic.

There’s nothing wrong with landing pages, but you may be finding it hard to scale your lead generation program….

We challenge our clients to “go beyond their landing page” – with great results!

With our unique “StayPut” ad unit, we simply take your lead generation form to where your target audience actually is, instead of trying to drive your audience to your landing page.

Here’s Exactly How It Works:

Your target user sees your offer on Facebook (or any of our partner sites), and clicks on it.

Your ad expands to reveal your form, which the user completes and submits.

We validate your leads and send them to you in real time.

Easy. Scalable. Leads.

If you’re interested in taking your lead generation efforts beyond your landing page, contact us today!