Back in 2003, three guys came
together around one core belief:

It should be a lot easier for marketers to grow their email list.


Dan, Joe and Marc were each working in internet marketing, and saw marketer after marketer struggle to grow their email lists efficiently. They became convinced of the potential for marketers to acquire 100% permissioned email subscribers directly on third-party sites.

Then the 3 guys came together…and Opt-Intelligence was born.

For 14 years, we’ve helped marketers (and their agencies) generate over 300 million leads through our propriety network of publishers. All 100% permissioned and opt-in leads….with no landing pages! And it’s all been made possible with our outstanding ad-serving technology, and our maniacal obsession with quality.

We’ve come a long way:

  • 2008 launched Leadserve, our self-service platform for advertisers
  • 2014 rolled out advanced 3 rd -party targeting capabilities
  • 2016 added Facebook to our publisher network
  • 2017 launched robust ad api

Through all the years of hard work, we’ve never lost our sense of humor, or our open and fun office culture and esprit de corps. And we’re as passionate about client success as we’ve ever been.

Over the last 14 years, we’ve seen a lot of change in the internet landscape, but a couple things remain the same. Marketers still need scalable sources of high-quality leads, and we remain committed to applying technology, and exceptional client service – to make it happen.

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Meet the pioneering leaders who
challenge Opt-Intelligence to stay at the vanguard of
online lead generation.

Joe Broumand

Joe Broumand

Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Joe is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Opt-Intelligence. Prior to co-founding Opt-Intelligence in 2003, Joe served as Vice President of Online Services at Cross Media Marketing. Before Cross Media, Joe worked at GetRelevant as Manager of Ad Sales. Joe got his start in 1998 as co-founder and President of CouponSoup, a company dedicated to putting coupons for local businesses online. Joe has a BA in Psychology from Boston College.

Marc Golub

Marc Golub

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Information Officer

Marc is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer of Opt-Intelligence. Prior to co-founding Opt-Intelligence in 2003, Marc was the Director of Software Development at Corsis Technology Group, a full service IT shop in New York. Before Corsis, Marc led the Software Development team at, a web-based custom sweepstakes and direct marketing company. Marc holds a BS in Business Administration from the University Of Delaware.

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